Historic St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership, Inc.

“Historic St. Andrews, a village by the bay where cultural attractions, entertainment, and commerce thrive.”

The Panama City Commission recognized the need and potential to revitalize the St. Andrews community and in 1989, designated St. Andrews as a Community Redevelopment Area. In 1997, to aid in the revitalization and redevelopment of this quaint coastal community, St. Andrews applied for and received inaugural designation as a Waterfronts Florida Partnership Community under the state’s Waterfronts Florida Program. Through its Waterfronts Florida Partnership Program, the Department of Community Affairs designates communities to receive intensive technical assistance, training and education, and limited financial support to help implement community-designed vision plans for their waterfront area.

Over the past two years, the St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership, Inc. has reorganized and reformed itself as the Historic St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership, Inc. During this transition, the Partnership applied for the tax exemption status from the IRS as a charitable organization and has received its tax exemption determination letter. Thus, the Historic St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership, Inc. is proud to serve the community as a 501(c)3 organization.

Vision for St. Andrews

Under the Waterfronts Florida Program, St. Andrews developed a community-designed vision plan to revitalize their working waterfront and help make St. Andrews a better place to live and work.  Through this process the community developed their vision, “Historic St. Andrews, a village by the bay where cultural attractions, entertainment, and commerce thrive” and have since worked hard to make it a reality.

Key Community’s Goals:

  • Increase visitation to St. Andrews.
  • Assist current businesses.
  • Attract new businesses and developments in keeping with community vision.
  • Employ traditional town planning approach compatible with vision of St.Andrews as a historic village.
  • Promote St. Andrews’ environmental quality and provide for public access and enjoyment of natural resources; promote a clean, green appearance.
  • Develop a regular calendar of festivals and events to attract people to St.Andrews; find individuals and organizations to carry out these events.
  • Carry out joint advertisting campaigns through various media.
  • Form a partnership consisting of key stakeholders in St. Andrews who will see revitalization through.
  • Form a citizens’ group to aid in grassroots efforts to strengthen St.Andrews’ central business district and neighborhoods, and help with fundraising for revitalization.
  • Promote awareness of St. Andrews’ history.
  • Find ways the past can catalyze revitalization.

Historic St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at the Panama City Publishing Museum.

Meeting dates are subject to change.

Historic St. Andrews Waterfronts Partnership Board 2018

Beverley Walterson , President

Robbie Fehrenbach, Vice President

Judy StevensTreasurer

Vic Jones, Secretary

Sean Lyon

Dave Smith

Mynta Harbison

Commissioner Mike Nichols(non-voting)

Onya Bates, MPA RLA FRA-RA, Program Director (staff, non-voting)

Market Manager & Museum Coordinator (staff, non-voting)

Volunteer Partnership Committees

The St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership encourages volunteers to get involved with one of these committees: History, Design & Planning, or Economic Development. The work being accomplished by these committees helps to make St. Andrews a better place to live and work. There are a variety of other ways to be involved such as office work, outdoor projects, and attending periodic workshops. Membership forms and Partnership by-laws can be found online on our Documents & Maps page.

Current Projects:

Bayview Avenue Parking Lot Improvements:

The Community of St. Andrews has envisioned over 20 years ago to improve the parking facilities of St. Andrews. This has been on-going process of purchasing land and improving for public parking. The Bayview Avenue Parking Lot is located on Bayview Avenue between 11th Court and 12th Street. The City has purchased this property in order to provide public parking for St. Andrews. The CRA has recently installed a new driveway on Bayview Avenue and has budgeted to improve the parking lot with wheel stops, ADA parking stalls, dumpster pads, and signage.

Bayview Avenue Boardwalk & Signage Improvement Project:

The St. Andrew CRA has been awarded a grant for NOAA to improve the signage and railing at the Boardwalk along Bayview Avenue. The project includes replacement of the boardwalk planking, replacement of the railing, and installation of new interpretive signage.

The Panama City Publishing Building:

The Partnership is continually working on projects to improve and market its Publishing Museum downtown.  The Partnership provides tours to visitors, helps develop new displays and is even working to develop an audio/visual center in the museum to showcase historical documents and videos. Each month the Publishing Building also showcases new local artist exhibits for all to enjoy. New Signage for the museum has been installed. Come check it out.

Join our Partnership and Help Make A Difference in St. Andrews!