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In only a decade, the community of St. Andrews transformed itself from an area dominated by many vacant and dilapidated buildings into a redevelopment model for other declining waterfront areas. Located on St. Andrews Bay in Panama City, the natural beauty of St. Andrews has attracted tourists for over 150 years. St. Andrews flourished with economic activity until the 1980s when many business interests relocated to Panama City Beach. In 1989, St. Andrews was designated a Community Redevelopment Area, and in 1997 it became one of the first three Waterfronts Partnership Communities. St. Andrews continues to work hard to attract new businesses and build a sustainable waterfront economy.

Please find below revitalization documents, maps, newsletters and information about our community festivals and events. Each are categorized below and updated as new information is developed. If you have any questions or comments about any of the information contained on this page, please contact the St. Andrews office at (850) 872-7208.